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2014 Mex-II D-110 version FULL-PRO




Číslo produktu: K-969
Cena bez DPH: 19 007 Kč
Cena s DPH (21 %):
22 999 Kč

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New kit from RCMODELex 2014 Mex II-D-110 FULL-PRO

This new kit was under the name FULL-PRO contains all the very best in the world market appears.

The basis is a new chassis which is steel-cut Leaser tech. the locks and then welded TIG welder, hence indestructible piece!

The list of what kit 2013 Mex-II D-110

NEW 2014 New Chassis frame Steel with Expedition bumper - RCMODELEx

NEW Axles Yota II - RC4WD

New 4link Black - RCMODELex

Shock 80mm progresiv Black - RCMODELex

Transfer case MEX-01 - RCMODELex

All new sahft HD-Steel Black -RCMODELex

Transmission + Shaft 5mm - HPI/RCMODELex

Motor 27-35T - RCMODELex

Body D-110 ABS with complet parts and print plastic primer  - RCMODELex

Roof frack and ladder - RCMODELex

Safari snorkel - RCMODELex

5x Wheels Landies 1.9 steel WHITE,BLACK,SILVER - RCMODELex

5x R.Creepers 1.9 tire - RC4WD

Decal sticket Defender

Parking/Mount steel stand for D-110 - RCMODELex

Preoder about 5-10days delay!